We exist to drive excellent performance in business and non-business ventures across the globe, beginning with Africa.








Our PURPOSE is to offer the needed SPARKS which guarantee the SPIKES for organized ventures. We are business enablers striving to ensure that invested resources realize their full potential through:

  • i. Advisory and Mentoring
  • ii. Training and Coaching
  • iii. Research and Innovation
  • iv. Resource Mobilization


“We are the SPARK that makes your business SPIKE”!

To sum up what we do:

  • • We provide professional advice (Business Management)
  • • We help create and protect the sustainable value of your business.
  • • We work with you to unlock your true potential, while optimizing your performance to achieve your goals.
  • • We create platforms that propel business enterprises to transcend generations.

We strive to achieve these by engaging in the following activities: Research, Marketing, Organizational development, Business Plan development, Business Modeling, Business Strategy, Business Sustainability/Transformation, Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Financing arrangement, Advisory services, Facilitation of meetings.

Our Services

We have a vision of taking our business and the businesses we build to a paperless future. We understand the impact the use of paper has on the environment and we seek to contribute our quota to changing our future We believe in ensuring our practices, business models generated and business management decisions we offer to clients are environmentally friendly. All ideas considered, modeled and implemented will protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. We believe in sustainability and expect that the development of digital technology should help save trees and preserve forests to ultimately conserve life.


Our people make us unique, lively and passionate about igniting and driving our partners’ ventures in the pursuit of excellence. We are enthusiastic about demonstrating a measurable impact in all we do.

Our exceptional culture and approach deliver enduring customized results that boost our excitement to be of service. We always aim to beat the expectations of our partners (clients), keep our people excited and contribute to the goodness of our communities and environment.

We live by our core values running through our veins, to grow us like evergreen TREES:

We regard our clients as our partners and care for their ventures as our business. We approach our tasks like vested partners, not academic advisors. We make their aspirations our own, setting off with a clear understanding of where they are headed and push until they see the spikes in their performance and their goals are realized. We help achieve their goals through hand-holding relationships which ensure that the world becomes a better place than we met it. Their THANK YOU energizes us to climb to the next level ALWAYS.

We walk the talk. We are committed to any and every undertaking and ensure transparency. We are trustworthy.

Conscientiousness defines our actions. We own and pursue all assignments as priceless opportunities. We are a team that shares in the accountability required of us.

We act! We do!! We move!!! We deliver on our promise, when we promise. We strive to do better and exceed expectations

We strive to deliver the highest standards and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions. We think global, though acting local.

We serve in humility. We believe in service. We know that service creates riches.

Contact Us

  • Address: HNO. 15, Adenta, Abese Loop, Greater Accra

  • Mail Us:

  • Phone: +233 55 399 6336

  • Phone2: +233 57 599 6336